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11th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (2013)
Research status and issues of tungsten plasma facing materials for ITER and beyond

22th International Toki Conference (2012)
Issues of tungsten as a plasma facing material for ITER and DEMO

15th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (2011)
Helium effects on Tungsten surface morphology and Deuterium retention

10th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (2011)
Deuterium permeation in tungsten by mixed ion irradiation

PFMC-13 / FEMaS-1(2011)
Recent Progress of Tungsten R&D for Fusion Application in Japan

Plasma wall interactions from a material perspective in fusion devices

核融合システムにおける材料開発課題 キーテクノロジーは何か 5.ダイバータプラズマ対向材料開発課題

ITER International Summer School (2009)
Material mixing of tungsten with low Z materials with low Z materials Carbon and Helium Carbon and Helium

核融合工学部会 夏季セミナー (2009)
核融合材料のブレークスルー 核融合炉第一壁材料工学の展望



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